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How? Let me share with you my story. It began after a myomectomy that left a scar across my lower abdomen, much like the one women have after a C-section. The doctor had taken out 3 large fibroids that were sitting on the nerve in my lower back and when I laid down, my belly appeared 4 months pregnant. When I went to my post surgery check up a week later, I shared with the doctor that I could not feel anything in my lower abs. He said, “Yes, I just cut through your nerves. You may never get back any sensations in that area.” 

I was stunned. It made sense, but the reality was not easy to accept. As a long time Pilates practitioner, it was devastating not being able to have sensations in my lower abs. I decided that I cannot just sit back and accept this as truth. After all, if I did not use it, my body would decide I did not need it anymore. I moved forward with this mindset to heal. A year later (almost to the day), during a workout, an inkling of activation came back!! That sensation continued to strengthen, and today, I am stronger than before. 

I have watched many people try all different kinds of methods to heal. Some think it’s not enough of this (maybe stretching) or too much of that (maybe lifting), be it exercise, nutrition, medication, various specialists, etc. The truth is, every person is different and if you don’t know where to start, this can be really frustrating and confusing. As a result, many never actually move past their pain! I understand how you feel. I aim to teach pain sufferers how to overcome their limitations and not settle with a life ruled by chronic pain. You have the ability within you to reclaim your activities and passions. 

If you are someone who has struggled to get on the other side of pain, want to break free from having pain control your life, and want to transform your health and total well being so you can move confidently again, then check out my starter kit Move With Freedom. I will help awaken the power within you to overcome the barrier to healing.

Certified Pilates Instructor

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Graduate of Women Are Not Small Men

Graduate of Menopause for Athletes

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