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Lots of gratitude to the amazing people I am so fortunate to work with. They inspire me everyday.

Annie came highly recommended as a fellow cyclist who could help me recover, at then-age 56, from an acute attack of sciatica. She’s more than lived up to billing. 

In the months we’ve worked together one-on-one, Annie has developed and guided me through a customized, holistic training plan that includes twice-weekly Pilates and functional fitness sessions plus unlimited nutritional counseling. Perhaps most crucial, she rebuilt my Pilates practice from the ground up, focusing religiously on form, technique and fundamentals and patiently teaching the mechanics of proper breathing that had eluded me for years. 

The results have been impressive. My core is markedly stronger and noticeably better sculpted. My posture is straighter, with increased flexibility and greater range of motion. Those improvements have contributed to significant gains on the bike, where I also feel stronger, better balanced and more confident, turning in my best rides ever. 

Nicest of all, I’m pain free and closely attuned to injury prevention, our work helping to minimize the possibility of recurrence. To top it off, Annie’s positive, upbeat attitude makes her a pleasure to deal with, and she’s always available by phone and text. 

While our program is geared toward my personal cycling needs and physical challenges, Annie can undoubtedly design one tailored to your own issues and goals, whatever they may be. I can’t say enough good things about her.

Marc F.

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